Premier was August 2!!

The 45-minute premier of “Affair with the James” was on August 2, 2013 at 9:00pm.

“Affair with the James” is a year-long video project showing how exotic the James River is as it runs through Richmond, Virginia in the United States. Once a week for 52 weeks, from July 30, 2012 to July 30, 2013, Elli Morris used her iPhone to video something happening along the river. The premier was a compilation of the beauty filmed and the community encountered at each of the 52 weeks. There’s playfulness, laughter, sadness, joy and love – as with any affair of the heart. Read more about the project here.

The premier was shown at the river because the film is about the river. The location was the south side of Mayo’s Bridge (which is 14th St.) at the flood wall in Diversity Park. Diversity Park is where they have Earth Day, by the spiral stairs that go up to the lookout on the flood wall, across from Plant Zero. It’s a nice grassy park with just a few benches. Guests brought chairs and blankets; free popcorn was provided. Thinking of You Creations had their fabulous cookies for sale for movie snacks. More than 300 people hiked, biked, and drove to the premiere. The response was exactly what the film is about – a community engaged with and loving the James.

**Update to the impact of Affair with the James** The turnout for the premiere was so fabulous, and the location was such a great spot, it spurred others to follow suit. “Films on the Floodwall” is now an annual event, sponsored in part by the James River Association.

Follow Affair with the James on Twitter for updates on the film, as it meanders its way through film festivals and helps spread the word about the amazing, mighty, wonderful James River.

Many thanks to Aviva for donating the audio and visual equipment for the premier.


Many thanks to New Media Systems for donating aerial footage of the James River.


Trailer for the Premiere

A guest’s recording of Elli’s Welcoming Speech at the Premiere

Affair with the James is underwritten by Elli Morris stills & motion